When you're experiencing problems:
- Students contact teacher.

- Teachers contact:
  -Problems with schools computers: schools it-person or KS-Tieto.
  -User id problems: KS-Tieto
:  HelpDesk: 020 615 5555 / /

User id:

With id and -id:  You can log in to Moodle with the same id and password as you use you mail. Also Edukouvola intranet id works with the same id and password as Moodle.

With mail: you can log in to Moodle using your email address and its password.

If you're working at Kouvolan kansalaisopisto, contact Jukka Noonen (

If you don't have @edukouvola- tai @ksao-id, and you´re not from Kouvolan kansalaisopisto, contact:

- By email
We need your first name, last name, your email address and the information how long you need the account.

Ordering course platforms:

- Nearest IT-support person, if that person has course management rights.
- If you're working at Kouvolan kansalaisopisto by mail: Include the following information:
  - Where you teach / which schools course it is
  - Which category your course belongs to (remember subcategories)
  - Course full name and code

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